Delhi Metro Allows Two Bottles of Alcohol per Passenger

In a significant development, the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) has announced a tweet allowing passengers to carry up to two bottles of alcohol during their metro journeys. However, the DMRC has emphasized that alcohol should not be consumed on the metro premises or within its trains.

delhi metro alcohol

The decision comes after careful consideration by the DMRC authorities, considering the changing dynamics of transportation in the city and the preferences of the commuters. With Delhi being home to a thriving nightlife and numerous social events, allowing passengers to carry limited alcohol can provide them more convenience and flexibility.

The revised policy permits passengers to carry a maximum of two bottles of alcohol, with each bottle not exceeding the prescribed limit set by the excise department of Delhi. It is important to note that the DMRC has specified that the bottles must be securely sealed and packed in such a way that they do not pose any risk to the safety of co-passengers or the metro infrastructure.

Passengers should refrain from consuming alcohol while travelling on the metro network. Violation of these guidelines may result in penalties and strict action from the metro authorities.

This revised policy brings the Delhi Metro in line with several other metro networks around the world that allow passengers to carry alcohol within specified limits. The move is expected to be welcomed by many commuters who wish to transport alcohol safely and conveniently, especially during festive seasons and social gatherings.

Prohibited Items on Delhi Metro:

  1. Sharp Objects: Any kind of sharp object, including knives, blades, scissors, or any item that can potentially cause harm or injury.
  2. Explosive Materials: Any substances or devices that are explosive in nature, such as fireworks, dynamite, or any explosive chemicals.
  3. Tools: Tools that can be used as weapons or can cause damage, including hammers, wrenches, screwdrivers, or any other similar items.
  4. Flammable Items: Highly flammable substances or materials that pose a fire hazard, such as gasoline, propane cylinders, or any other flammable liquids or gases.
  5. Disabling Chemicals: Chemicals or substances that can cause physical harm, incapacitation, or disablement, including pepper spray, tear gas, or any incapacitating agents.
  6. Dangerous Items: Any items or substances that are considered dangerous or hazardous, such as corrosive acids, radioactive materials, or toxic substances.
  7. Guns and Firearms: Any firearms, handguns, rifles, or any other type of guns, along with ammunition or any weapon-related accessories.

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